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Thursday 23 February 2017

Hi guys, how are you? This week feels very long after last weeks 3 day treat, but it's been a really productive one! I've done a lot of focusing and thinking about the future (at the moment I'm all about gaining some clarity on my wants and needs - blog post coming soon!) and all of this has left me longing for a real holiday. Because nothing really clears your mind like a trip abroad does it (and if you're not convinced read Sophie's post about how getting away can do just that!)?

However, while the Young Man might be jet setting off here there and everywhere, I'm stuck here in the UK probably until June. I shouldn't complain though because I know others won't of been on holiday in years (bin there sista) and while it might feel like forever ago, it isn't actually that long since I was in Lyon.

So to remind myself of that I thought I'd share a little photo diary with you here today!

Hope you like them!

I completely fell in love with the architecture in Lyon - and not just because all those front doors made my instagram look very continental for a little while there! I love places that feel very of their time and their country. Does that make sense? I like to arrive in a city and NOT feel like it's just another same old high street. Lyon's old town certainly didn't disappoint!

Macarons and pastry became a daily staple, we also tried some more traditional Lyonaise food, but it was a bit heavy and hearty for our tastes! 

Lyon is built around two very large rivers, meaning that one minute you're in the middle of a thriving city centre the next your strolling by the riverside browsing market stalls for second hand books and original artwork. A bit like with Lisbon, I felt the river made the whole city feel fresher and lighter and a little less claustrophobic. 

We ended up staying pretty far out of town (about a 40 minute walk along the river front - or once we worked out how it worked - 15 minutes on public transport) but we were only a stones throw away from the beautiful Parc de la Tête d'Or. Even in December the park and lake were beautiful, and we still managed to spot one or two animals in the open zoo!

Without a doubt the best views of the city were up by The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière and were well worth the climb. The church itself was beautiful too, but I didn't get a photo that did it justice!

I really enjoyed our 5 days in Lyon. We were there mainly for the Light Festival (separate post and photos to follow) which meant three of our evenings were filled up with that. Having 5 days meant we could take everything at our own pace, and enjoy both the festival and the city, but if the festival hadn't been on you could easily take the main sites of the city in a long weekend! 

Oh what I'd give to be sat by the river front with a beer in hand right about now! Guess I'll just have to wait! Do you have any upcoming trips planned? Indulge my wanderlust x

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