Things I'd like less of in 2017

Monday 9 January 2017

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was a gentle one, made up of a gentle adventure to Hebden Bridge and a Sunday spent reading, blogging and catching up with house work. Just what was needed after the hibernation of Christmas followed by the shock to the system that is the first week back to work.

Things are beginning to feel like they are getting back to full swing, and while the 1st of January may have rolled around last week, I feel like things truly get started in the next couple of weeks or so.

Last week I shared with you my very contradictory mantras for 2017 - 'Less is More' and 'More is More.' These mantras are meant to guide me through the next 12 months, and gradually readjust my mindset, attitude and lifestyle to a place, with hopefully a lot more balance in it.  Not firm resolutions as such, but more a question to apply to everything.

However, there are certain things in my life I know for a fact I want less of. Still not concrete goals as such, but definitely a good place to start to make this year a little better than it's predecessor. So with out further ado, here is a list of things I'd like less of in 2017.

L E S S 

. Stress About Follower Numbers Nope, I'm done with that thanks! Yes I still care about this space of mine, in fact I care about it so much that I want to do what's best for it. And that is getting back to blogging with my own voice, about the topics I want to blog about with out concerning myself about whether that's the most popular content I could create.

. Weighing Myself I've written numerous times about body confidence, and how I strggle with it. I'v also mentioned in the past that weighing myself regularly (really regularly) can be a blessing and a curse. I'm at a point now though where I don't want to concern myself with the numbers, I finally feel like I know my own body welll enough to not have to seek out a second opinion from my bathroom scales.

. Anxiety - is a switch in my brain that I some times have no control over whatsoever. However I know there are things I can do to help it. Like lay off the coffee, get a good nights sleep, and turn my worries that I do have control over into action before they turn into something else.

. Political Turnmoil  - self explanatory? I'd like to see less of it, and when I do see it, do more about it. Read more, speak out more engage more. (FYI there'll be a list of things I'd like more of next week!).

. Negative Comments / Bitchiness Over the past couple of years I think I've come a long way in avoiding 'having a good bitch.' Growing up I would have classed myself as quite a jealous person - but I now work on a policy of counteracting every negative comment with a positive one. I'm really good at doing this with my own private thoughts towards other people - I'm not so good at counteracting other peoples negativity OR my own negativity towards myself.

. Headlines Along The Lines of 'Woman Wears This and World is Shocked / Disgusted / Outraged' Yesterday I heard a female radio presenter introduce that STUPID NONE STORY about two women going to Tesco's in their pyjamas as 'A poor man has had to take to Tesco's Facebook page...' SORRY WHAT? How exactly does witnessing someone in their pjs a) make news b) make him a victim and c) become any of anyones business. People wearing stuff -whether they are male, female, white, Asian, other - is not headline material or something we need to occupy ourselves with. (Unless it is inherently racist etc.) GOD MY BLOOD IS BOILING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!

. Silent Anger This directly links to the above. While I'm going to avoid negativity, if something has angered me, because it is an injustice towards someone or something I am going to speak up about it. Probably in a blog post, So brace yourselves for that.

. Subscriptions to Newsletters Ok for a while subscriptions to newsletter and podcasts that were all about achieving your best self/living your dream/world domination were totally my jam. But my god I get so SO many of them, and I'm kinda done with 99% of them. I think they fooled me into thinking that I was achieving something just by being subscribed to them, and as motivating as they can be, a lot of that time, that motivation was only going as far as patting myself on the back for successfully reading or listening to somebody else's idea of how I should live my life.

. Screen Time Particularly Netflix. I don't even want to think of the probably very high percentage of last year I spent binge watching stuff. This has got to stop. Unless I want my tomb stone to be an impressive list of completed TV Shows.

No doubt I will think of other things in the world I would like less of - especially the big ones like war, violence and terrorism, but these are the ones I am going to focus my attention on. Maybe I can't do anything directly about political turmoil or misogynistic headlines, but I can speak out about it. And as for the others they are a good way of changing my immediate world for the better, and changes you make to your own bubble tend to have a knock on effect.

What would you like to see less of this year? Are you cutting out or standing up against something? As always let me know in the comments below, and if you have your own posts up about this sort of thing, leave me a link!

Live less of the stuff you don't want x 

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