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Friday 16 December 2016

Hey everyone! How are you? December is whizzing by right? So far this month has been a good'un although I must confess I am waaaaaaaaaaay behind on my Christmas shopping and have this lurking feeling that I have forgotten to do something... but I am trusting that it will all get done and that the festive period will continue to be Merry and Bright! So in the spirit of being Happy and Grateful here's what has been making me as jolly as Saint Nick so far this month...

My Trip to Lyon

I could hardly not put my trip to Lyon last weekend at the top of this list could I? Of course there will be a proper post - two infact - on the way soon, but travel and spending time with the Young Man always makes me happy! 5 days of wandering, macaroons, and vin chaud we're just what I needed to endthis year on a high.

Food glorious food

Ok, so my trip to Lyon was quite as foodie as I had hoped however it's Christmas and that makes everything more delicous, at home and abroad. I have alcohol laced cheese in my fridge, a stack of mince pies, and I start every day at work, with an advent calendar treat (yes we have an office advent calendar). Christmas really is the time for giving, specifically in the form of wearing clothes with plenty of give in the waistband (that wasn't as quick and witty as I hoped).

Christmas Celebrations

Is it just me that sees people all dressed up on Instagram heading to their Christmas parties and wondering why don't sequins look that good all year round? I love how every day feels a little bit like a celebration at this time of year! The Young Man and I are having our Christmas this weekend and after looking at the Magical With Bettys website I'm dying to run out and buy all the beautiful crockery. Serious Table Deco inspiration on there!

Being nominated for a UK Blog Award

I've only mentioned this about a trillion times on twitter (and I apologise for spamming your feed) but being nominated for a Uk Blog Award really has put a smile on my face, after a year, where to be honest I feel like my blogging mojo has been awol more than it's been here. It's filled with me with ideas for the new year, and has encouraged me to experiment a bit more with the types of posts I'll be trying out. I know you're meant to find your niche, but that makes me feel so constricted! Anyway, a MASSIVE thank you to Ami for nominating me, and if you would like to vote for me, you can do so by clicking here.

Video Calls

Modern technology is pretty damm impressive isn't it? My sister is currently in America for her University Placement year and won't be back home until June so video calls with her are EVERYTHING at the moment. Plus the Young Man recently headed to Vegas for work and receiving a drunk video call from him while I was on lunch (and it was 4am over there) seriously brightened up my Monday.

Really good work days

You know how some days you sit in meetings and feel like a real old fraud but other days you leave not only feeling like you bossed it but knowing it? That second feeling is SO good right? i really savour those days when they come around, especially after spending most of this year unsure about what the future held.

Finding the perfect hand bag

I've always loved handbags, even when I was little. I always feel like if I've got the right bag, and it's properly packed I could pretty much survive anything. But after buying my new camera none of my current handbags were doing the job. They all felt too full or too big or too not pretty enough. So before Lyon I set out to find the perfect sized bag and actually found it in TKMaxx. Boxy but not too boxy, black but not shiny, decent sized shoulder strap, and strong enough that it feels like it will actually protect my camera. It also makes me feel like I'm really nailing that blogger look. Now I just want need the exact same one in purple.

Spending lots of time taking photos

I've been really good at making sure my camera comes out with me every weekend lately, and also my recent holiday means my memory card is so FULL. Hoping Santa brings a new one to me for Christmas!

LEAF in Manchester

I first came across Leaf, when the Young Man and I headed to Liverpool waaaay back in January, and I'm so pleased they've opened a branch in Manchester. I popped in the other week with a couple of friends and had an amazing falafel wrap, and a turkish apple tea that has reignited my love affair with herbal and fruity brews! My head is certainly grateful for the break from all the caffeine!

So many good books

Every month I tell myself this will be the month I start blogging properly about books, and it pretty much never happens. However, I've read some real corkers lately my favourite being 'Britt Marie Was Here' by Fredrick Backman, and I'm currently reading 'The Reader on the 6.27' by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent. If you're looking for an extra present for your favourite book worm I'd definitely recommend these!

And that's it! December is definitely turning out to be just as happy as I'd hoped and I've also been making a real effort to be kind to strangers wherever I can be. Like carrying a flustered Mum's starbucks order to her table for her, or complimenting a strangers shoes. It's the little things that can really make some ones day, and in return help make yours too!  What is making you happy and grateful this month? When do your christmas celebrations kick off? Let me know in the comments x

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