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Happy Friday no.21 - 10 Good Things...

H A  P P Y  F R I D A Y!

How has your week been? This week has gone so quickly for me! Made even quicker by the fact that I have today off... sorry if that was rubbing it in a bit! I'm still suffering a little with a lost blogging voice sbut determined to keep pushing through.So today I'm keeping it nice and simple with a list of 10 Good Things. Because who doesn't love a list of happiness?

A Sunday walk and a pub lunch with that gorgeous fella up there ^^^

Is there any better way to spend a Sunday than going for a walk in the park with a dog, and then filling your very hungry boots with a Sunday lunch afterwards? I think not.

Playing with my camera - and probably driving people insane...

I've been making a real effort to take my camera with me wherever I'm going on a weekend! It's still very much my new toy (a Sony A6000 if you were wondering) so I'm trying to get as much practice in as possible before my holiday to Lyon next month. 

Chinese and a catch up...

Part of the reason I feel like this week has gone so quickly is because it got off to a really good start -  a chinese take away and a long overdue catch up wih a girlfriend!

Going home this weekend...

This weekend it is Mamma J's birthday so I am heading home to York to see her and as many other family members as possible. I'll admit when in comes to keeping in touch with ANYONE I am terrible, and it's something I regularly feel guilt for, but nothing beats a face to face catch up does it?

Super early C-word decorations...

Ok, ok, hear me out. I am usually dead se against early Christmas decorations, however, the Young Man heads to Vegas this weekend, and is away for the next two weekends. Then the weekend after that we go on holiday, and the weekend after that will be our Christmas. Factor in the fact that we don't live together and all this means not much time to enjoy being home together with the decorations up. So we kicked things off a bit early this year. Mulled Wine included. No guilt. 

Finally finding the jumper of my dreams...

Ok, I LOVE the idea of big chunky knits in Autumn and Winter, I've just never found the right one for me and instead have to get my warmth from all the thin layers. Just as effective but nowehere near as cute looking. But no more! I've finally found a chunky knit from Next that I LOVE, and I've worn it pretty much everyother day since I bought it two weeks ago.

Starting gift shopping...

I didn't use the C-word this time, mainly so you don't think I am super eager after the decoration confession but also because, as I mentioned it's Mamma J's birthday today, and my lil'sisters in December. I love gift shopping, and planning everything all out, including my wrapping scheme. 

Gilmore Girls...

If I wasn't heading home today I would be spending my day off doing one thing. Watching the Gilmore Girls revival! I only got into GG earlier this year but I binged watched all 7 seasons in a matter of weeks, and ever since I've been counting down the days, and tearing up at every trailer released!

Irish Cream flavoured Cappucinos...

Oh my god. I've just realised I am a Christmas FREAK this year. Oh well never mind, If it means I can drink a liquer flavoured coffee on my way to work without getting drunk then I'm all for it!

The Auumn Sunshine reappearing...

Ok, so I'm actually writing this post on Thursday, so if we've all woken up to the deepest darkest, wettest depths of Winter this morning then I'm sorry! But the last two days of bright sunshine and crisp hair has done wonders for my mood!

And that's it! What's been making you happy lately? xx

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