Happy Moments you can create for yourself when everything else is just a bit naff (Happy Friday no.20)

I know, catchy title right?

So today was meant to be a Happy Friday post, but in the last fortnight a lot of rubbish stuff has happened, and the moments of happiness have been the ones I've created for myself. Tiny moments in the day that have kept me sane. So instead of trying to gloss over the fact that some weeks are in fact just a bit naff instead I thought I would put together a list of happy moments you can create for yourself when everything else seems hell bent on bringing you down.


The thng that has been most difficult lately, is feeling like I don't have control of my own future. As I explained on Monday waiting in limbo about work etc. has been really tiring. So over the last couple of weeks I've been concentrating on the things I do have control of. From decluttering my flat a little bit, to now making real preparations for if I do have to move on. Feeling like I can change small things around me is really helping feel ready to tackle the much bigger things.


A bit similar to taking control of something I find taking some time away from things that aren't working and concentrating on something that is working, is really good for my morale. My blog is always my go to distraction project. Whether that's writing up new posts, taking part in a twitter chat or reading all those posts I've missed while I've been sulking. Confidence wise, knowing that I'm making progress with my blog helps make me feel ready to make progress with the rest of my life. And it provides a really good distraction for a while.


I'm sure you all know that exercise is great for endorphins etc. but is there any happier exercise than dancing? When I've had a really bad day I like to go home, shut the curtains, turn my music up and dance it out, on my own, in my craziest, arm flingiest, jumpiest way. And fyi, my fitbit has proved that this is actually exceptionally good cardio.


Obvious advice right? But the oldies are the goodies. Sometimes I ring a friend to specifically talk about something else, other times I need a therapy session. Reminding yourself that you're not alone, that there is a whole support network around you, and a whole world of good things is something we all need to do now and then.


Or a long shower, and wash the day off. Pamper yourself. Take out that lush bath bomb you've been saving for a day (or a week, or a month) exactly like this.


With a good book. With a film you love. By locking yourself away and hiding on your sofa. Build a den. Take a train ride to the next town along. Book a holiday. Sometimes real life is just too much, and running away is a totally ok thing to do, as long as you come back.


And take it for a walk. Find a bench. Watch the world go by. Or if like me you're starting your day with a commute, coffee makes the perfect train companion, and carves out that 15 minute journey as time for you. Note - this also works with lunches, muffins, tea, or even, if you're desperate a gin and tonic in a can.

What would you add to the list? Which little moments keep you sane? Have you carved out some time for yourself this weekend?  x

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