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Happy Friday #5 & a Catch Up...

Happy Friday everyone! How are you? This has been a long week right? Normally when life is as full as it has been lately I feel like the weeks pass in a blink of an eye, but not lately. This is probably because at the moment I'm going through a period of adjustment, my usual weekly routines, both at work and at home, have been thrown up in the air, and I'm still waiting to see what order they land in. 

One of those routines has been blogging, but also, eating properly, sleeping normal hours (which I guess has never really been a routine) and having real weekends. I'm not complaining too much though, while I might not feel like the best version of myself, I am enjoying this phase of change. Sometimes you need those routines to be shook up a little bit so that you can create new ones and go about them with a whole new energy, and that's what I'm going to dedicate this weeks happy list too, those moments that I've managed to steal, scrape and squish in, that have not only kept me sane, but also made me feel like I could get used to this upheaval after all...

1. Commuting on the train...
The thing that has really sent my routines flying out the window recently has been a big change at work. Namely my colleague leaving the project we worked on together. Now I'm flying solo, which means taking on his diary, but also means having to make my own way around Pennine Lancashire. Some people hate commuting, but I personally kind of love it. I love grabbing a coffee to take with me on my morning train and having that time to listen to podcasts before my day really starts, and finishing my working day with a train back and views of the rolling countryside, and if I time it right a gorgeous sunset. Of course come January and the sub-zero temperatures, I might be feeling very different about this, but right now, I see no reason to complain.
2. The odd hour off here, the odd morning off there...
At the moment, any sense of normal working hours or days off has gone out of the window, so the time off I have had has been sporadic, but savoured. A morning off spent in bed, or an extra hour taken at lunch, held over a long latte. While I am missing the break you get with having two days off in a row, I have always loved having time off when it feels like the rest of the world is at work. Plus I'm well versed in working odd hours so my body quickly gets used to changes in sleeping patterns!
3. The good, the bad and the down right ugly food...
While I know that the best way to feel my best is to eat the best, part of me has been enjoying a bit of freedom when it comes to what I'm eating and when! Biscuits with my morning coffee, dinners so late they may as well be classed as a midnight snack andbags of nuts that taste like jaffer cakes. I know that another week of this, will leave me feeling dreadful but right now? It's like living away from parents for the first time!
4. There's nowt as lovely and as odd as folk...
The slight change of my role at work means I've been out of the office a lot more recently. Which I love. I'm good with a spreadsheet but I'm even better with people! And my faith in people has really been restored lately, whether that is people I see at work been super supportive, the girl at the coffee shop that now knows my order, or the slightly odd folk in the street I tend to attract, it has just reminded me that the majority of people are good at heart.
5. Knowing that it is all worth it...
I'm tired, and a little tense, and I've had to invest in some lavender oil to help keep me calm and sleep at night, but the thing that is really keeping me going is knowing that it is all worth it. We find out about whether or not we get our second round of funding (and whether or not my job continues beyond March) a week on Monday, so I am putting my faith into the universe, that all this energy I am giving will be repaid with a big fat YES from the arts council. Plus it is only COMPLETE madness for one more month and then I'm going to Berlin for a super Christmassy break.

What keeps you sane at times like these? Hope you have a lovely Halloween weekend planned? I'll be making Frankenstein peg dolls in a library tomorrow and hosting a show on Sunday. I said my job was busy, I never said it wasn't fun!

Live life & love what you do x

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