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Happy Friday #4...

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been a little quiet this week, straight back off holiday and straight into a full week of work both at my day job and on my freelance stuff. But I shan't complain because I'm happy to be busy, and because it is Friday!

This weekend I've got a date night with the young man planned and a Sunday stroll around a park, weather permitting! I'm also very much looking forward to a lie in!  But enough about things to come, here is what's made me happy lately...
1. All things Venice...
As I said on Monday I will be doing a full round up of my trip to Venice, but I could hardly not mention it on my happy list could I? So many things about it made me happy, spending time with the ladies of my family, seeing the sea, and falling absolutely in love with the place itself. Plus pasta, gelato, cookies, coffee, macaroons... you get the drift!
2. A tidy flat...
Ok so one of the most mundane things I could ever put on a happy list, but how good does it feel to come home to a tidy den? This is especially true for me this week, because after a weekend away with 6 other people, and sharing a room, I was very much ready to have a little bit of my own space! 
3. Getting in my 10,000 steps a day...
Well, in Venice it was more like 20,000, but since coming back I've been wandering about here there and everywhere. Mainly because my colleague who had a car has now left, and while my driving has significantly improved, I don't think 6 lessons is quite enough to get me off my own two feet/public transport just yet!
4. Seeing the young man...
Ok, soppy alert, but I hadn't seen the young man for a fortnight because of how our respective trips away clashed, and I missed him greatly. So staying in on Tuesday evening, cooking a curry and chatting until my throat was sore (and probably his ears) was really really lovely.
5. Really really terrible period dramas...
I know, I know, I'm pretty sure tv made it on to my last happy list, however that was GOOD tv, this is bad over acted, really quite ridiculous period drama. A whole other type of love. I'm watching Reign on Netflix, and it's essentially Mary Queen of Scotts meets Skins. Yup. That good.

I feel this weeks list is the epitome of the little things! I guess after an exciting trip away, you don't need too much thrill, it's more setlling back in, and appreciating that as good as it is to get away, you're very lucky, if you also love to come home!

What's been making you happy lately?

Live life & make yourself at home x 

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