Trying Hair Extensions For the First Time With Irresistible Me

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! I know you don’t normally hear from me on a Saturday but I’m trying something new on the blog today, so it felt appropriate to try it out on a new day!

Today is officially my first ever Hair and Beauty post! At the beginning of this year I decided to play around more with the content of my blog and that included trying my hand out at new types of content. Last year I got really bogged down with trying to have a niche, and in all honesty it took away all the fun from blogging for me. I like that my blog is an online scrap book of my life, like a personal diary - with a little bit of filtering. And guess what? I spend a lot of my life playing with my hair and then vacuuming it off the floor.

I have A LOT of hair. It’s thick and strong, and at the moment fairly long, but not as long as it used to be.

Last summer I had a big chop and went from this:

To this:

And for about two weeks I loved it, but after that it grew to that odd inbetween length and I got bored of having to style it every day. I soon started craving truly long hair again.

I missed being able to braid it, and tie it up. I spend hours watching youtube videos from Kayley Melissa and Missy Sue and knew that even though I had very thick hair, and even when it was long, without extensions it would never look quite like theirs did.

So I’d been curious about extensions for a while, but I didn’t know the first thing about choosing the right ones, or where to get them from, and part of me thought that even if I did… did I really need them? Is youtube hair really practical?

Then the wonderful Blair got in touch from Irresistible Me offering to send me some extensions for review. I still ummed and ahhed about it… I’m not a hair blogger? Do I really need them (my mum and the Young Man both said no I already malt too much!)? How do I pick the right ones? Etc. etc.

But, I figured, I’ve always wanted to try them and I wanted to try something new with my blog, show a different side of me, and Irresistible Me had so many guides about picking the right length, weight and colour that I decided to go with it. And when they came I was SO giddy.

I was sent the 18 Inch, 200g, Silky Touch Extensions in Silky Golden Blonde and when I first opened the box I couldn’t believe how much hair there was. I knew that the Silky Touch extensions aren’t as thick as the Royal Remmy ones, and are tapered at the end so I had worried they would be too thin but I was really pleasantly surprised at the thickness and quality of what I’d been sent. 

Now I've never had extensions before so it took me a while to get used to clipping them in, but once I’d watched a tutorial or too, they were really easy to put in place and once they are in they feel really secure.

As you can see from the photos the colour match is pretty good, but my hair has gone slightly more gingery than when I first ordered them so at the moment it isn’t perfect.

As I mentioned before, these extensions are also tapered towards the bottom, meaning that they are really thick at the top where you clip them in, but get thinner towards the ends. This is to mimic what your hair naturally does, but in my hair this does make blending them in a little harder. I think if I was to order extensions again I would probably get them slightly shorter (maybe 14 inches) so that there wasn’t as clear a difference between where my hair ends and the extensions continue. However if you had thinner hair this would probably be less of an issue.

Over all I was really really pleased with the quality of Irresistible Me’s extensions, but have they answered all my youtube hair dreams?

In all honesty? I’m not sure… But this is more to do with my lack of knowledge around what to do with extensions rather than the extensions themselves. So here is what I’ve learnt…

If your hair is shorter than your extensions you won’t be able to make that fishtail braid of your dreams happen. The main reason I wanted extensions was to add thickness to my hair when braiding, but what I’ve since learnt is that for this to really work, your hair already needs to be as long as your extensions otherwise you get tufts spurting out. There might be a trick to this that I just haven’t discovered yet but for now my braids are just going to have to wait.

Curls are your friends… right now there is no way I could wear these extensions without curling them and my hair first. When my hair and the extensions are straight it is very obvious where my real hair ends. Curling it makes it look more like natural layers of hair. This is called ‘blending’ and it does take quite a bit of effort to get right! Of course, I’m completely new to this, so very much learning, but at the moment extensions are by no means a quick fix. 

Your head will get really REALLY warm. And 200 grams of hair might not sound like it’s very heavy but when it is clipped onto your head it is.

Because they are quite heavy I was VERY aware that I had them on, and I think this teamed with the fact that the shade of them is slightly off (until I redo my hair) and that it took quite a lot of curling to blend them in it all left me feeling very self conscious. I was very aware that my hair wasn’t real, so became very afraid that lots of other people would be able to tell they weren’t real too, and well, right now, I’m a little too self conscious to really pull them off. Hopefully as my hair gets a bit longer and blonder, and I get a bit better at styling them this will change but for now I’m very much still getting to grips with them.

I also learnt that I can be really REALLY awkward in front of the camera, but this is definitely something I want to get better at.

So in conclusion I’m really glad I tried hair extensions. While I’m still very much learning what to do with them, they are really fun, and I like that if I wanted to I could get up tomorrow and try a completely new look. The quality of the ones from Irresistible Me are great, but you do need to be aware of the tapering when you’re choosing which ones to get. Luckily they have a lot of videos and useful things on their website to help you choose the right ones for you. My advice would be to do a lot of research before you buy, not just on the extensions you’re getting but on how people use them, how to blend them etc. so that you get the right ones for you.

Thanks very much to Irresistible Me for sending me my extensions to review. I was sent these for free, but this post is not sponsored and as with eveything I post my opinions are all my own! Oh and a big thanks to the Young man for being my willing photographer!

So what do you think? Have you ever tried hair extensions? Are you experimenting with new content for your blog? And how do you think I did with my first ever hair and beauty post? x
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