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Going Vegan... Everything is better Nakd (review)...

Hey everyone! How are you? I think it might be time for me to put my pale legs away and admit that September is here, even if the odd sunny day still keeps peeping through.

As glorious as summer was, there was one thing that really took a hit during the busy months, and that was my vegan diet. I generally take the stance that being vegan is pretty easy, but I am also very aware that having any kind of dietry restriction is well restricting... And my will power took a little bit of a holiday over the summer months too.

So now it is the beginning of Autumn, and the beginning of the season where I normally let my craving for comfort food get the better of me, I have decided to get back on the bad wagon and have a super clean eating September, just to get me back in the swing of things, and hopefully keep me on track until at least Christmas.

Why is it bad habits are so much easier to break than good ones?

One of the worst habits I've fallen into lately is to just grab and go. Which several months ago wouldn't have been too bad because what I would have grabbed, would have been some sort of fruit, now I've rekindled my addiction to processed sugar (and it is an addiction, sugar works on your brain much the same as many drugs do) I automatically head for a cereal bar. I don't know why but at the moment I LOVE a cereal bar, I think it is because it's like a gate way sugar. You know the same old story, you're somewhere that doesn't have a healthy snack in site, so instead of going for a full blown chocolate bar or packet of biscuits you pick up the cleverly marketed cereal bar. With it's 'healthy' coloured packeting, and it's pictures of grains and natural ingreedients spilling out from rustic bags, sure it's not fruit, but it's not really bad for you is it? I've fully bought into the 'healthy fake sugar' marketing even though I KNOW exactly what it is doing.

But enough about how my addiction has started, and lets talk about how I am planning on breaking it!

The main thing I have to remember is that being a vegan is NOT THAT HARD. I know I harp on about this in every 'Going Vegan' post, but being a vegan is simple, as long you keep it simple. Now that I have a bit more time to myself, I want to make sure I am cooking for myself every night, and the best thing about cooking? Left overs. Left overs as we all know are the king of the lunch world. If I don't have to rely on the local shop for my lunch then half the battle is won.

Not going to the shop for lunch also means AVOIDING TEMPTATION. Namely the cereal bar aisle. But not going to the shop, doesn't mean avoiding snacks all together.

Along with my left overs I'll be packing at least one piece of fruit with me everyday, a banana is perfect for the morning droop that hits around 11am and I love things like cherries, grapes and because it's autumn blackberries to graze on throughout the afternoon.

But even when I am at my bushiest, brightest, world conquering veganist, I still get snack envy, especially if some one else has treated themselves in the office. Luckily, vegan snacking and treats have come a loooonnng way. You can't beat a good old flap jack with a soya latte, and if you order a graze box you can set your preferences to 'vegan' but these snacks don't really help me over come my sugar addiction. And it is important to remember that just because something is vegan, doesn't mean it is healthy.

That's where Nakd bars come in. I know these delicious bars probably aren't new to you, and chances are you've tried the Cocoa Delight one before, or maybe even the Cashew Cookie one, but even I wasn't aware of just how many flavours they came in until Natural Balance Foods got in touch with me about their ranges of healthy cereal bars and very kindly sent me a free box of 16 Nakd bars to try.

The box was filled with my favourites I'd already tried, including the yummy the Gingerbread one, but also some new flavours, which I don't think I'd have been brave enough to try in the shop. For example the Cocoa Mint one, now I love chocolate mint flavoured almost anything, but I wasn't sure about chocolate mint flavoured dates and nuts (which are the main ingreedients in all Nakd bars) but I was pleasantly suprised, as I was by the Cafe Mocha one! But without a doubt my favourites so far have been the Bakewell Tart one and the Rhubarb and Custard one. 

The best thing for me about Nakd bars is that they completely satisfy not only your sugar cravings but also the fear that you are missing out on treats. All the bars taste like what they claim to be, so if somebody in your office has treated themselves to an iced bakewell tart, and that is all you can think about eating grabbing a Bakewell Tart Nakd bar will stop you're mouth from salivating and your will power from cracking. And you can rest easy knowing that you've eaten 100% natural ingreedients.

Snacks and cereal bars don't need to be dressed up with fancy additives, or in your face colours, when it comes to food, almost everything is better naked.

And if you can stock up your cupboards with whole boxes of nakd bars (for cheaper than buying them seperately) then sticking to veganism, or just trying to be healthy, then that is a huge bonus!

Thank you to Natural Balance Foods for sending me my complimentary box, I've definitely added new flavours to my favourites!

Live life & be naked every now and then x

ps. I genuinely love bad for you cereal bars, that wasn't just me being a bit sneaky with my review, I also genuinely love Nakd bars.

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