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So one of the things that I have been most pleased about since coming home is shedding a little bit of weight and getting healthy. But in the last couple of weeks I have really let this slip...

One of the things that constantly baffles me is my never ending ability to forget that I actually LIKE healthy food. My body, like everyone else's craves GOOD STUFF and not just cake... So to serve as motivation and as a reminder to myself, here is a bunch of stuff I forget but wish I didn't...


1. Eating too much cake/cheese/bread makes me feel groggy

2. Drinking a banana and peanut butter soya shake does not


3. Regularly going for a run makes me feel motivated and boosts my energy

4. Sleeping past noon, does the opposite


4. Tea doesn't always have to be made by a builder to be enjoyable


5. If in doubt, grab a sweet potato

6. Hangovers happen and they are the devil


7. I like cooking

8. 90% of the time take aways are disappointing


9. Eating healthy does not mean you have to have salad for dinner every night


10. I am the proud owner of  a hello Kitty lunchbox

How do you keep yourself motivated? Live life & drink herbal tea x

ps. Do you think I should invest in a more grown up lunch box now I am starting a real job?


  1. Ahh best lunchbox ever & I definitely don’t think you need to invest in a grown up one hehe!! xo

  2. Ooo good! Although cute Tupperware is definitely something I want to have a full cupboard of! My new flat is going to be full of so much rubbish! Xx


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